Huawei Switch S110-8P2ST in Kenya

The Huawei Switch S110-8P2ST price in Kenya is Ksh 23,500.

Description of indicators on the device

Indicator Color Status Description
PWR indicator Off The device is powered off.
Green Steady on The power supply is normal.
Port indicator (Port status)


Off The port is not connected or has been shut down.
Green Steady on A link has been established on the port.


During device startup, all port indicators are steady green for about 2 seconds and then off, indicating that service initialization is complete.

Green Blinking The port is sending or receiving data.
Port indicator (PoE status) Off The port is not supplying PoE power.
Green Steady on The port is supplying power to the connected PD.
Green Blinking The PoE power of the device is insufficient, and the port cannot provide power to the PD.

Components of the Huawei Switch S110-8P2ST

  • PWR indicator
  • Port indicator: Indicates the data transmission status of the port. PoE status: The port indicator indicates the PoE status of the port.
  • One GE electrical port and one GE optical port
  • Port indicator status switch button: Standard Mode: All ports are in the same VLAN, and the flow control function is enabled.-Port Isolation: All downlink ports are isolated from each other and cannot communicate with each other. Downlink ports can communicate only with uplink ports. Uplink ports are not isolated or aggregated.

    -Flow Control Disabling: All ports are in the same VLAN, and flow control is disabled.

  • Eight GE PoE+ electrical ports
  • Power adapter socket: Use the power adapter (56 V 2.68 A) delivered with the device.

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