DDPAI Mini Car Dash Cam in Kenya

The DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera price in Kenya is 7,500 shillings. DDpai Mini has a high-definition of pictures with 1080P. It can monitor the parking situation in 24 hours through time-lapse video recording. The equipped highly sensitive gravity sensor can save key videos when sensing the collision. And the Hisilicon chipset with high quality is more reliable and stable.

DDPAI Mini Car Dash Cam specs and price in Kenya

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About the DDPAI Mini Car Dash Cam

1080P Full HD Resolution with Upgraded H.265 Encoding

DDPAI Mini has Full HD resolution with the latest HiSilicon Hi3518E processor and a 2MP CMOS image sensor. The new processor allows Mini to record high-quality videos at a lower bitrate of H.265 (Previously H.264). The 16:10 video playback ratio is more in line with mainstream widescreen viewing, and the scenery and portrait are more natural.

Sharp Videos for Easier Readability of Number Plates

DDPAI Mini has a 2 MP CMOS sensor with 6 sets of the full-glass lens due to which it can capture sharp videos at 1080P Full HD resolution. During hot summers, ordinary dashcams with plastic lenses (advertised as 2P, 3P, 2P 3G lenses) start producing blurred images whereas Mini with all glass arrangement can continue to produce sharp videos no matter how hot the weather may be.

Super Clear Night Vision with Upgraded F2.0 Aperture

Upgraded Aperture F2.0 Lens (Previously F2.2), greatly improves the image processing ability at night. License Plates, pedestrians, and other objects can be seen clearly seen even in low light conditions which helps in collecting accurate evidence at the accident scene.

Super Capacitor Instead of Lithium Battery

Built-in Supercapacitor provides higher durability and temperature resistance. With a temperature range from -25 ⁰C to 85 ⁰C, it is suitable for any weather conditions, extreme hot or extreme cold. This makes it more suitable for Indian hot climatic conditions and also achieves continuous parking monitoring.

New HiSilicon Hi3518E Processor to Support H.265

HiSilicon Hi3518E Chipset, a lower power consumption process and architecture processor, focuses on image processing, supports H.265 new encoding technology, greatly improves coding efficiency, and clearer images with the same file size.

140° Super Wide Angle

A super wide-angle 140° lens results in a wide field of view allowing for 4-6 lanes of traffic to be easily seen when driving in city or expressways. It helps capture solid evidence in case of any unfortunate incident.

Emergency Recording

With a built-in 6-axis G-sensor, it auto detects a sudden shake/collision and emergency locks the footage to ‘Event File’ to prevent that video from overwriting. ‘Event File’ will be automatically downloaded on your phone when DDPAI App is connected to the camera via WiFi.

Download Videos through WiFi

Built-in high-quality Wi-Fi allows direct connection to your smartphone and lets you playback, download, and view the camera’s footage in real-time. It allows you to download videos without the hassle of removing the SD card and connecting to a PC.

Optional 24 Hour Continuous Parking Monitoring

Specifically designed advanced hardwire kit (Purchase Separately or as a Bundle) for 24-hour continuous parking monitoring. Records evidence when the vehicle is left unattended. Time Lapse Recording at 1 FPS in parking mode to ensure long-duration recording of videos.

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