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The Apple iPhone X price in Kenya is Ksh 39,500. The launch of the iPhone X marks the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone. The smartphone has an OLED screen, and a glass housing with a mirror effect, and the curvature of the device is accentuated by stainless surgical steel. The modern design of 5.8 inches is energy efficient due to the addition of the OLED screen, which has a better contrast ratio and deeper blacks. In addition, a new feature has been added that has been waiting for a long time, namely wireless charging.

The classic home button disappears with the iPhone X, Apple has switched to facial recognition (FaceID) with the X. The front camera makes a 3D scan of your face, this also happens in the dark using the integrated infrared sensor. If you put on your new glasses or grow a beard, the iPhone X will also recognize you. But how do you go back to the home screen without a home button? By swiping across the screen in one smooth motion. A nice addition is the Animoji, an animated versions of emoji that take on your facial expression. In addition, your selfie qualities will rise to unprecedented heights with the Portrait Lightning feature and you can record videos in 4K quality. The dual camera on the back of the iPhone X takes impressive photos in the light and dark

Apple iPhone X specs and price

Price in Kenya Ksh 39,500
Display Size 5.8 inches
Ram 3GB
Storage 64GB, 256GB
Processor Apple A11 Bionic (10 nm)
OS iOS 11, upgradable to iOS 15.1
Colors Space Gray, Silver
Front Camera 7 MP + SL 3D
Back Camera 12 MP + 12 MP
Battery Capacity 2716 mAh

Dual camera

This iPhone X has two cameras on the back of the device, to ensure that you can shoot a beautiful picture in all situations. Even in the dark, this iPhone X is fully capable of taking a nice photo. You can use the second lens to take a professional portrait photo, with a nice depth-of-field effect.

Good selfie camera

Also on the front of the iPhone X is a good camera, with which you can take beautiful selfies. You can easily and quickly send them to your friends and family via your favorite apps.

In addition to a camera, there are also some incredibly clever parts hidden on the front that allow you to use certain functions such as FaceID. This locks and unlocks your phone with your face so that only you can access your device.

Great screen

When you hold this tenth-generation iPhone in your hands, you immediately notice: the screen is many times better than previous iPhones. This is because Apple has opted for an OLED screen for the first time with this device. With this technology, colors are much nicer and black really looks black.

The screen is also a bit larger than its predecessors, but fortunately, the device has not become significantly larger. This is because the screen edges of the iPhone X are incredibly small, so you get more screens on fewer devices!

Powerful A11 chip

You will never get grumpy from the iPhone X because the A11 chip ensures that you will never suffer from hitches. Everything runs effortlessly on the iPhone X, and you can choose from 64GB or 256GB. So you will not soon run out of space!

Multitasking is also no problem on this iPhone X, thanks to sufficient working memory. So you can use multiple apps at the same time without any problem and switch quickly to keep working as efficiently as possible.


As you are used to from Apple, the iPhone X runs on iOS. This operating system is very easy to use and also very easy to learn. You can easily download all your favorite apps from the App Store and switch between the menus very quickly.

Pros & Cons Apple iPhone X

  • ✅Thanks to the minimal screen edges, the device remains nicely compact
  • ✅The dual camera gives you extra options for photos foto
  • ✅The Apple A11 chip is both economical and powerful, so you get the best of both worlds
  • ✅This phone is IP67 certified, so an occasional splash of water is no problem
  • ✅This is the first iPhone with an OLED screen, which makes everything look even better
  • ❌There is no possibility to add extra storage space in this device
  • ❌A 3.5mm port is missing, you can listen to music via the Lightning port or wirelessly via Bluetooth

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64 GB, 256 GB

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