AmazFit Cheetah Pro in Kenya

The AmazFit Cheetah Pro price in Kenya is Ksh 47,000. It runs using Zepp OS 3.0. The watch weighs 43g with straps and has a 1.45 Inchess AMOLED display. It supports GPS and Bluetooth calls. The watches feature a Corning Glass 3 Protection. Enjoy 331ppi density and brightness on the 1.45-inch AMOLED display that boasts 480 x 480 pixels. Whether in the office, at home relaxing, or out doing fitness exercises, the watch fits all these situations.  The app on the watch is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It conducts health and fitness data analysis, features watch face and app stores, provides system updates for your watch, and much more—a robust battery providing 14 days of typical usage power the smartwatch.

Amazfit Cheetah Pro specs and price in Kenya

About this smartwatch

Designed for Sports enthusiasts.

Amazfit Cheetah Pro is designed for runners and people who love to keep an active lifestyle.  It features a Titanium Alloy Bezel and looks sporty to complete the user. The watch is crafted for durability and comfort with a fiber-reinforced polymer frame and a Titanium Ally body that weighs about 34g without straps and 43g with straps. The Cheetah Pro straps are made of Nylon hence light and breathable for comfortable all-day wear. You can swim with the watch thanks to the 5ATM water resistance allowing you to swim up to 50m.

Even though you are outdoors in the sunlight, you get to view all data in the large 1.45-inch HD AMOLED with up to 1000nits brightness and 331ppi density. The display has a corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection for added durability.  The watch features 2 buttons including a mechanical crown for easy adjusting of settings and smooth operation even when on the track. Enjoy customizable 100+ watch faces with always-on-display to suit your needs and reflect your style.

Personalized Watch experience

Embedded in the watch is the Zepp OS 3.0, which optimizes its functionality and allows users to connect with their Android or iOS phones.  Zepp OS 3.0 offers an intuitive, user-friendly, and rich ecosystem that allows you to explore various apps and games. With over 150 downloadable apps via the Zepp App, you can choose health, games, daily life, and fitness options. The Zepp O.S 3.0 also lets you connect the watch to your workout devices to help track progress.

The watch features the AI-powered Zepp Couch accessible by Android and iOS users, to help you personalize your running and workout and optimize your performance. Zepp coach will help you come up with schedules that will enable you to avoid under or over-training and become the best in your upcoming race or competition.

Battery that lasts.

Powering the Amazfit Cheetah Pro is a massive storage 440mAh battery that lasts up to 2 weeks of normal usage, 26 hours in Accuracy GPS mode, 54 hours of power saving GPS mode, 7 days in heavy usage, and 44 days in auto GPS mode. The automatic GPS mode adjusts GPS settings to save power while in areas with strong signals. You can charge the watch using the magnetic charger available in the box.

Accurate Positioning

Amazfit Cheetah Pro features a dual-band GPS that receives signals from L1 and L5 frequencies. It also supports GPS, BeiDou, GALILEO, QZSS, and GLONASS systems that provide accurate location services for runners, cyclists, and people who love exploring. With the MaxTrak polarized GPS antenna, you get about 99.5% accuracy for precise tracking of running. You can preload a route, save locations, and the navigation features to enable you to run even when offline. Whether running in the fields, the city, or confusing routes, you are assured of exceptional accuracy with minimal multi-path interference.

Running Metrics

The watch has amazing running metrics that will enable you to track and monitor your running while monitoring your heart rate. The screen displays the duration, distance pace, and current heart rate. These features are adjustable depending on the activity you are undertaking. With Zepp Couch, you can know when to increase the intensity or step-down preset targets, and work on achieving goals. Create your training template via the Zepp App and sync it to the watch to enable interval structured training that will enable you to improve each day. The App also allows you to set a virtual pacer to track your progress.

Your Fitness and Health Monitor

Apart from helping you maintain your running and achieve goals, the Amazfit Cheetah also helps you track other fitness and health issues. Enjoy 150+ sports modes, track your training progress, and share data via fitness apps like Strava, Komoot, or Adidas. You can comfortably swim with the watch thanks to the 5ATM water resistance that withstands up to 50m depth and automatically rack reps when working out.

The AI-powered Zepp couch delivers updates like daily schedules, reports, weather updates, and sleep quality. It also creates personalized running and workout strategies that fit your schedules and targets.

Your 24/7 Health Tracker

The watch comes with a built-in PPG sensor that helps track your heart rate, stress, blood oxygen, and sleep patterns. It also helps monitor the menstrual cycle using the barometric sensor and other AI features to determine your fertility, ovulation, and menstrual period. Get health updates and notifications in case of abnormal rates. Additionally, the Cheetah Pro allows you to create sleep schedules and track your sleeping patterns.

What is in the Box?

  • Smart Watch
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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