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Shop a massive range of the best Smart TVs online or in-store at PricePoint. Get a great deal on all the best brands like Samsung, LG, Hisense, Sony, TCL and more. Make your entertainment at home shine with 8K TVs, 4K TVs, OLED TVs, QLED TVs, Ultra HD TVs, and Full HD TVs. Enjoy all the latest streaming content from Youtube, Twitch, Freeview TV, and subscription streaming apps like Netflix, Stan, Binge, Kayo, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV with many more on a cheap Smart TV with no additional hardware. Mirror your iPhone or Android 5G Mobile Phones and iPad & Tablets screens onto your TV, control your Smart Lighting, Home Smart Speakers and Home Automation services with voice commands to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri assistants, and upscale your lower definition content to stunning 4K Ultra HD or 8K Ultra HD quality. Fit your room perfectly with a great value budget Smart TV or high end Android Smart TV in Kenya.

LED TVs & OLED TVs in Kenya

Although similarly named, LED TVs and OLED TVs differ in terms of pixel illumination technology. Each pixel on an OLED TV screen is individually lit, boosting the screen’s refresh rate, contrast and color reproduction. On the other hand, the pixels on LED TV screens are backlit by a primary light source and render a brighter screen. When it comes to resolution, you can find both LED and OLED TV in 4K, so the resolution will be top-notch either way.

Smart TVs in Kenya

Smart TVs integrate the functions of your tablet or computer with the broadcasting abilities of your TV. Smart TVs offer easy access to interactive media, streaming entertainment, home networking and internet TV. Plus, Smart TVs connect to external devices, such as video game consoles and media players and come with integrated wireless capabilities.
Are you really into YouTube videos? How about watching movies that you have saved on your computer? With a Smart TV, it’s easy to watch online videos and other content on your TV instead of a small computer or tablet screen. And, if you like the idea of all the technology in your home being connected, a Smart TV is the way to go.

Curved TVs in Kenya

Curved TVs are designed with a curved screen that angles towards the viewer for a greater sense of immersion and depth. You’ll enjoy wider viewing and an improved contrast ratio on these panoramic screens. You may also notice fewer reflections, which can improve the viewing experience. Curved TVs also add sleek, elegant style to any entertainment area. If you want a futuristic look for your home entertainment system, consider purchasing a curved TV at PricePoint!

Quantum Dot + HDR TVs in Kenya

Quantum Dot + HDR TVs are similar to LED-backlit LCD TVs, but Quantum Dot TV screens are backlit by blue LEDs, rather than white LEDs. Blue LEDs convert light into highly saturated primary colors, which makes an impressive difference when it comes to hue and color gamut. You’ll enjoy brilliant imagery and vivid luminosity.

TV Brands in Kenya

Once you decide on the TV type that suits your viewing needs, you’ll find the perfect TV set at Sam’s Club. We carry all the top TV brands, including HisenseTVs, Samsung TVs, LG TVs and TCL TVs. Start exploring our wide selection of high-quality TVs today.

TV Accessories in Kenya

After you’ve chosen the perfect TV for your home, it’s time to move on to the fun part‚choosing accessories to complete your home theater setup. There are quite a few accessories to choose from. One consideration is how your TV Television will be mounted or displayed. Mounting TVs on the wall is becoming the standard, and for good reason. When you mount a TV on the wall, it eliminates the need for a TV stand, and it creates a clean, modern look. What’s more, when nobody is watching the TV, you can display photos or artwork, so it acts like a piece of decor.

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